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"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original." -Ken Robinson

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Focusing on what comes first

I was lucky enough to attend one of Dan’s workshops this summer at a STEM collaborative in Maine.  Ask Dan how his wife’s knitting is coming along from that trip.  (Let’s just say it wasn’t exactly the Maine vacation of their dreams as far north as we were).  I’ve read his blog for a couple of years, I thought I knew what all his Three Act Lessons were about, so I almost didn’t sign up for his session.  On the first of our five days I knew I made the right choice…throughout the week I learned all the little nuances and subtleties that go into his Three Acts that I didn’t realize before.

I’m curious to see if the Three Act format will work as well for my student base of adults (see my previous post for more about my work).  I already have the most motivated, interested students possible.  They want to be there, they are hungry for knowledge.  I don’t need to convince them that this stuff is relevant, I don’t need their buy-in.

Of course I’m still going to use the Three Act format at times, it’s brilliant.  But my real focus this year will be on bringing the good, challenging questions up first, letting the students wrestle with that, and following that up with the explanations or lecture.  It’s a minor change really, subtle but powerful I hope.


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