Prepared To Be Wrong

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original." -Ken Robinson


My blog reader is FULL right now, so full of teachers posting start of the school year posts.  I am overwhelmed with it all, too much information for me to process as I’m getting ready for my own school start next week.

Plus I’m trying to read and comment on other new bloggers from the New Blogger Initiative.  I am beginning to wonder why I’m doing this, and I’ve pondered stopping with the blogging thing already! (I know!)  But I am going to make myself do these 4 posts!

I am sharing here my opening day activity that I do in all my classes.  This is the best activity I’ve found to get adults up, walking around, and talking to people they don’t know when they’re in a math class and scared out of their minds.  There are many variations of this activity out there.

I give students ten minutes to fill in as many blanks as they can, and by the end of that time they are still talking and meeting others and they don’t want to stop.  It happens every time, and that is why I love this activity.  At the end of the activity I spend five minutes asking the group to name someone they found that works at night, who’s working on a GED, etc.  Even the students who are hesitant to meet others always appreciate this activity when it is over.


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